VITEC - clever concepts for demanding cooling projects.

VITEC GmbH is one of the few developers and manufacturers of a product who have naturally developed out of customer benefit. Anyone who deals with temperature-sensitive goods know that cold is an essential but fleeting value that places the highest demands on protection systems. Out of the necessity to maintain survival conditions for sensitive goods, VITEC in Wernigerode has been developing high performance insulation against cold since 2008.

Tailor-made insulating solutions for the low temperature insulation market are adapted to individual customer needs using technical innovations. Unique composite insulating systems (VACOSI VARIANT & COMPACT) for building insulation on walls, ceilings and floors are created based on vacuum insulation panels (VACO SOLO), which are used for example in the production of insulating fire doors and gates for cold rooms. Hardwearing and dimensionally stable, their special feature is that they can be attached to the surfaces that need insulating without an additional protective layer. VITEC GmbH relies not only on the highest quality of material regarding durability, stability, hygiene and aesthetic appearance, but also on a customer-oriented implementation. Absolute adherence to schedules is of course included.

Working solutions essentially depend on an established team which create and implement them. VITEC therefore places great value on the satisfaction of its employees, who have a decisive influence on the positive development of the products and the company itself. This pays off - on all sides.