Pioneering intelligent insulation.

Behind every innovation is an outstanding idea that has to prove its use on the market. An innovative spirit with technical expertise, supported by cooperation with renowned scientific institutes and faculties has enabled VITEC GmbH to succeed in further developing the concept of classic insulating panels.

The perfection of this advancement not only meets the highest requirements, but also offers possibilities which were unthinkable up till now.With glass fibre composite sheathed panels and half-pipes, products have emerged that are new and completely unique to the market: VACOSI! 

The metamorphosis from a conventional vacuum insulation panel to a stable composite insulation system and the heart of the production is a specially developed prepreg system. It applies the composites to the insulating panels which, following this treatment, open up entirely new possibilities for individual application.

While conventional panels (VACO SOLO) can only be installed within stable systems due to their sensitive sheathing, the stable composite insulation systems (VACOSI) can easily be attached to the surfaces of the object or space that require insulating despite their low strength.

Installation therefore takes less time, is less cost and mess intensive and the opportunity costs compared to alternative cold insulation are significantly lower. However, impact resistance and low strength due to the variable sheathing insulation are not the only advantages; these systems prove themselves on every imaginable level with visually attractive, hygienic surfaces and exceptional durability.

Whenever it comes to new solutions in the field of cold insulation VITEC works openly and in partnership with its customers and and knows how to think differently and think ahead.

VACOSI - cold insulation for the highest standards in design, functionality and efficiency.