Unique technology with limitless possibilities.

VACOSI panels enable the optimal cold insulation of floors, ceilings and walls.The systems remain stable even at the lowest temperatures, ie they do not change their shape, structure or length. Therefore they can be used in demanding applications of up to -192 ° C, as required in medical technology, the pharmaceutical industry and in the food and construction industries.

The core of the VACOSI panels are made of fumed silica to which opacifiers and fibres are added. The non-flammable powder is pressed onto a supporting body, shrink-wrapped and vacuum-packed. The outsides of the panels are then coated with fibre reinforced plastic in a unique process.

The specially developed prepreg system makes it possible to take up to three fabric layers individually or even parallel and impregnate them with the precise dosed epoxy resin mixture. For this purpose, the synthetic resin is extensively applied to a special foil and uniformly spreads over the capillary effect into the fibre mats. This procedure manages to effectively avoid thermal bridges and thus energy loss.
In terms of sustainability, the waste is worked off in the production process without leaving any residue.